Episode 4: Part 1-Blaise Pascal and the First Modern Omnibus Transit Network

Travel back to 17th century France for a biography of Blaise Pascal and the history of the first omnibus public transportation network of modern Europe. Yes, that Blaise Pascal, the mathematician, philosopher, scientist, and inventor also was instrumental in forming and designing a horse-drawn omnibus network in Paris that lasted beyond his lifetime.
Notes for Episodes 4 & 5: Blaise Pascal and the First Modern Omnibus Transit Network

Episodes 4 dives deep into the life of Blaise Pascal. In Episodes 5, we look at Pascal's friend, colleague, and benefactor, Artus Gouffier (the Duc de Roannez) and we discuss the omnibus system that the two friends created. 

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Please note that the newspaper articles are available for free through many public library systems. They are not all available for free on the Internet.
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Episode 4: Moment in Equity: Slavery Laws passed in 1662
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Episode 5: Moment in Equity: French Slavery and the Sugar Trade
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Episode 4: Part 1-Blaise Pascal and the First Modern Omnibus Transit Network
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