Episode 2 Funiculars

This episode features a history of funiculars and stories of far flung places, marketing ploys, and a few odd individuals. Funiculars enable us to travel up and down very steep slopes. Their history goes back hundreds of years and it is unique. Funiculars exist all over the world, yet they are not necessarily well known as a mode of transportation and they are often confused with trams, elevators, and other modes. But this a mode with its own quite famous, also hummable, Italian folk song. Moment in equity topic: Early Atlantic slave trade.
Episode 2: Funiculars

In this episode, we define the term funicular and quickly delve into its history, with odd characters, wealthy businessmen, and marketing gurus along the way. We also talk about where funiculars can be found today as well as many that only exist in the pages of history.

What is a funicular? Basically, a funicular is one of a paired set of carriages that use a cable or rope in order to be moved up or down a steep incline, with each carriage counterbalancing the other. Spoiler alert: Some famous ones are Angel's Flight in LA, Peak Tram in Hong Kong, and about 30, which I don't think are individually named, in Valparaiso, Chile. Hence another term for funicular is an incline. 

While the early history is not well documented, we do have evidence of funiculars dating back to the Middle Ages. Look through our sources as well to go enjoy performances of Funiculi, Funicila, an Italian folk song. You might get lost there. 

Sources for more information
Please note that the newspaper articles are available for free through many public library systems. They are not all available otherwise on the Internet.
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Funiculars for tourism and at ski resorts
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Funicular information sources
·      Michel Azema, Funimag (blog, twitter feed, youtube, facebook) – https://twitter.com/funimag and https://www.funimag.com/photoblog/  
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o   Frequent posts on twitter.
o   Amazing historical photos of American funiculars, many of which look like roller coaster cars – https://www.funimag.com/photoblog/index.php/articles/us-the-great-era-of-lost-american-funiculars/ 
·      Bruse Persson, Bruse’s Funiculars.net – https://www.funiculars.net/ (Worldwide database of operational, defunct, and funiculars no longer in existence; listed by countries, with dates of operation. Be careful to double check information about funiculars noted as still in operation and also the database does not include funiculars built after 2001.)
Other sources tangentially related to funiculars
·      Konstantinos Tzanakakis, The Railway Track and Its Long Term Behaviour: A Handbook for a Railway Track of High Quality (2013) (includes a history of rail infrastructure dating back to ancient times, but mostly about engineering, safety, and maintenance) 
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·      Angel’s Flight (Los Angeles, California)
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·      Mottarone Funicular (Italy)
o   Blame in Italy cable car deaths rests with technician who disabled emergency brake, judge rules, NBC News, from Associated Press (May 30, 2021) – https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/blame-italy-cable-car-deaths-rests-technician-who-disabled-emergency-n1269115  
·      Czech Republic
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Funiculi, Funicula performances
·      Andrea Boccelli singing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG4SbelgIFk 
·      Flashmob performance at the Viewnna train station – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzIDVeQmYOo 
·      Many more versions available through a search
Moment in Equity: Early Atlantic slave trade
·      Free the Slaves, Slavery in History – https://www.freetheslaves.net/slavery-in-history/

Episode 2 Funiculars
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