Episode 11 Moynihan Train Hall Part 2

Episode 11 is the second of two episodes that explore the long history of Moynihan Train Hall, a relatively new addition to New York's intercity and regional transportation landscape. From the old Pennsylvania Station to plans that go beyond the new train hall, there are lots of twists and turns that overall demonstrate the difficulty of planning and building large infrastructure projects.
Because of all the twists and turns before Moynihan Train Hall was finally built, there is lots of repetition in this episode about delays, plans and funding looking good before hitting a wall, and outsize personalities putting themselves ahead of the public good. This is a long episode! 

In episodes 10 and 11, we dive into the history of Moynihan Train Hall or, as it’s actually known, Moynihan Station. We cover:
  1. A very brief history of the original Penn or Pennsylvania Station in NYC and its destruction.
  2. History of the building in which Moynihan Train Hall is situated and its original purpose.
  3. Who was Daniel Patrick Moynihan that we have a train station named after him?
  4. How Moynihan Train Hall came to be built.
  5. A tragedy intimately connected to the realization of the long-delayed dream of this train station. 
  6. Short epilogue - plans for refurbishing Penn Station, natural light and all.
Episode 11 begins part way through the planning - and search for sufficient funding - to build the train hall in the chosen location and the episode covers developments up to the present plans for redoing Penn Station.

In episodes 10 and 11, instead of a moment in equity, there are several moments scattered throughout the two episodes, mostly quotes from Daniel Patrick Moynihan, for whom Moynihan Train Hall is named.

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Episode 11 Moynihan Train Hall Part 2
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